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Meet the man who's making your train ride better

The next time your train comes on time, will you think of him?

Mr Desmond Kuek, head honcho at rail operator SMRT Corp, is the man in question.

Following a series of train breakdowns in 2011 and 2013 that left commuters fuming – and Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew declaring his disappointment publicly – the chief executive officer (CEO) had to turn things around when he came onboard in October 2012.

Commuters looking at the signage, which notifies them of a train disruption and alternative route that they can travel on. A faulty train on July 23 2014 held up the morning commute for thousands of North-South Line passengers. PHOTO: SPH FILE

Three years on, The Straits Times reported on what has changed under his watch – and what else is coming up to improve your ride.

*More technical staff at work

SMRT's team of technicians grew to 2,169 (21 per cent increase).

The number of engineers in its fold stands at 278 (59 per cent increase).

While the report didn't state the benefits of hiring more people with technical know-how into the ranks, it did show improvements in the next area.

*Fewer trains withdrawn due to faults


SMRT's train withdrawal rate – where a train is withdrawn from service because of faults – has come down from 3.3 for every 100,000 km operated in 2012 to 1.05 last year.

Mr Kuek said: “This is the lowest in seven years. And we are targeting to go even lower this year."

*Replace worn-out gear

Maintenance staff replacing the wooden sleepers on the train tracks near Clementi MRT station. PHOTO: ST FILE

This includes replacing wooden sleepers with concrete ones.

Sleepers are vital to safety as they keep the train tracks firmly aligned.

And some of the wooden sleepers were in such a bad shape that it looked like they would fall apart when removed, according to The Straits Times.


So far, 96,000 sleepers on the North-South Line have been replaced, with 100,000 more on the East-West Line due for a revamp.

*Replace power-supplying third rail

Sagging sections of the third rail were singled out as the main cause of two massive breakdowns in 2011.

*Change train signalling system to shorter intervals

Right now, the system in place is 30 years old.

With the change, trains can arrive every 100 seconds compared with every 120 seconds currently.

*Overhaul older trains

​They will be fitted with new motors from Toshiba, which used 30 per cent less electricity during a test.

Commuters queuing up SMRT CEO at City Hall MRT station. PHOTO: ST FILE

What the changes mean for commuters: A more comfortable ride as the morning and evening crush is expected to diminish by July next year (2016).

That's not all. Other developments in the works include:

*New rail financing framework

Under this model, the Government owns all operating assets.

This will allow SMRT to focus on service quality without being weighed down by huge and lumpy capital expenditure.

*Changing commuter behaviour

The train platform door at Serangoon MRT Station affixed with a poster of the cartoon character Move-in Martin, part of a campaign launched by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to promote thoughtfulness. PHOTO: ST FILE

Measures include looking at cases abroad for inspiration.

For example, Mr Kuek cites how service ambassadors in Taipei are deployed to "block people from boarding when it's time for train doors to close".

This would help prevent commuters from packing the train, which causes it to remain at the station longer - hence holding up subsequent trains.

Source: The Straits Times

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5 things To Complete Instantly With Regards To fifa 17 coins

If you're game lover, you require to have got come across FIFA coins. These are coins that will have a quantity of benefits. one regarding the massive benefits will be which they help you in purchasing packs so which as a new outcome you boost your current possibilities of winning. Any time won by you many games, anyone acquire a lot more coins so which as a new outcome you don't operate from contracts.

The currencies furthermore assist an individual to within managing virtually any team which you want. Regarding example, you are able to buy great players and coaches so that will as a result you are in a place to form a great team. A New fantastic team means that you've higher odds of winning thus you've high chances of making more money.

The coins enable anyone to throughout locating sponsors along with play as many video games as you like. Whenever you approach the sponsors, you get more income that tends in order to make your own team stronger.

If you want, you are generally in a position to make use involving the FIFA coins to purchase coaching coins which in turn aids in helping the fifa coins teammates to coordinate together with one another. When there's great coordination using the teammates, you've higher likelihood of winning matches and tournaments.

If you believe that a provided player can be of simply no benefit to you, you are generally in a position to trade him together with another using your coins. This will aid in strengthening your own team and a person will be a force in order to reckon with.

Challenges of purchasing FIFA coins

While the currencies are wonderful to have like a player, they come using a number of challenges. one regarding the challenges can be which you can easily purchase fake coins which will be a waste of money. This typically happens whenever you purchase the currencies without doing almost all your research.

To make sure that you are not really ripped off, you ought to usually do the research and also identify the particular reputable sellers on the internet.

Other compared to researching the status of the seller, it's additionally advisable to analysis about the high quality involving services offered by the seller. Regarding an excellent experience the vendor must supply substantial high quality services. for example, the owner should have an excellent assistance service, plus an easy-to-navigate website. Your payment platform ought to be also secure.


This is actually what you need to know about purchasing of FIFA coins. In Order To ensure that you simply make the most from your currencies, you want to always be able to know how an individual can play within the game. you also wants to know how to purchase new players. By carrying out this you'll avoid making mistakes which will price a lot of coins that you will have bought.

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Guaranteed Simply No Strain Valentus Slim Roast Coffee

A huge percentage regarding the entire world population suffers through overweight as well as obesity issues. Consequently weight reduction products have arrive to the marketplace so as for you to burn up the particular additional body fat away. Green Bean Coffee can remain visible as as you such weight-loss product which can easily give fabulous benefits for that people who suffer from overweight. That They certainly are usually a sort involving fresh coffee beans plus they aren't within the roasted form. Your regular coffee beans that people see in the market are generally roasted and which is the major reason powering their darkish color. the roasting process will eliminate 90 percent in the primary fat burning ingredients which can end up being found inside coffee. As A Result Green Bean Coffee arrives into the industry inside its Valentus Slim Roast Coffee raw form to offer all associated with the benefits that is found in green coffee.

Out with the obtainable weight loss supplements that will be observed inside the present world, many are synthetic ones made from chemical ingredients. These People may stimulate the processes involving some other physique organs and anyone will have to be a victim regarding unwanted effects as well. but slimming coffee is a natural product and it does not possess the ability to bring any kind of harmful negative effects to the human body. This kind of fact is confirmed from your consumer recommendations in which can be found around the Web regarding Green Bean Coffee.

Chlorogenic acid can become considered because the ingredient that are available within Green Bean Coffee, which can be accountable for weight loss. Chlorogenic acid helps anyone to burn body fat in therefore many ways. This will take treating the rising blood glucose after a meal. The Actual slower increase in blood glucose can make your current metabolic rate rate to do slowly. This may assist the individual to burn off the surplus excess fat whilst controlling the rise of unhealthy fat. Chlorogenic acid can additionally inhibit the game regarding an enzyme which will break down particular carbohydrates in the digestive tract. This will assist your current entire body to become able to absorb much less quantity associated with sugar through food. It could additionally improve your body heat and also assist the weight-loss process. As A Result fat deposits controlling procedure is totally natural and then any person could acquire Green Bean Coffee without any kind of hesitation.

The researches have tested the correct dosage for that people to consume. Through these researches, it has been identified the ideal every day dosage will be slightly a lot more than 700mg. Green Bean Coffee ( slimming coffee ) has been tested with folks in various ages and the outcomes get impressed the scientists. Several experts in the health business agree using the excess fat that Green Bean Coffee may burn off fat within an effective way. Folks that are considering purchasing the product can also get 3 premium bonuses free of charge along using the product. Just About All these bonuses can be seen within the official website. Purchasing Green Bean Coffee can always be considered as a good investment carried out for your wellness of your person suffering from obesity.

23 En 2017

Essential Valentus Slim Roast Coffee Smartphone Apps

Green Coffee Bean Extract is becoming a large identify ever since it absolutely was endorsed with a famous diet guru on national television. Many individuals think that it is the same as roasted coffee, and gives you the identical benefits. However, this is actually not so. The idea has been said that this is a miracle item pertaining to excess weight watchers, however the truth is, green coffee bean can be quite different, and which we should take a look at its rewards much more closely.

The greatest question questioned is that will this - what exactly is substance and how can it assist us? Well, which will begin simply by identifying what exactly this is. Green coffee bean will always be the unroasted type of coffee bean, straight from your fields in the event it can be nonetheless refreshing and raw. Generally, after the original picking, coffee beans are generally then subsequently roasted to produce roasted coffee. However, the facts is, when roasting in a substantial temperature, a new certain substance inside the coffee - Chlorogenic Acid, is actually lost. This specific acid, existing within the unroasted bean, will get modified as well as oxidized if this is heated, thus leaving the resultant substance not truly a fat burning factor. Your extracts involving green coffee typically ask these people to extracted from unroasted beans, and also, chlorogenic acid can become created inside a laboratory as well.

How can Green Coffee Bean Extract help?

The primary goal of most people nowadays will be to look good, and grow slim. Chlorogenic acid is surely an essential element which in turn helps in lowering weight easily. Green bean extracts behave as any powerful appetite suppressant - which usually means, they make positive you are usually doing not necessarily crave food, or are afflicted by hunger pangs, as frequently when you does before. That Will results in the person being in any position to manage himself/herself inside the path involving temptation inside a far better way, and finished his/her diet plan objectives easily. Exactly what is more, these extracts in addition contain 2 critical factors which help the body.

First, there will be a healthy boost of antioxidants, which have numerous benefits. That Will consists of losing weight, an increased metabolism, increased stamina and also energy, heightened immunity and within addition fast cell regeneration. that means, you'd most likely call in your skin glowing more, along with Valentus Slim Roast Coffee your cuts as well as wounds healing a lot more quickly. Also, it contains caffeine, which usually can always be a all-natural mood booster as well as power booster, trying in order to keep the body alert for as well long hrs in a time. The Actual numerous advantages of this, thus, helps your body a lot.

How to Take In Green Coffee Bean

The most important element which you must bear throughout mind would become to not necessarily directly consume this, nevertheless rather pick a supplement which contains it throughout measured amount. that will assist a person to control the total quantity you eat and throughout addition not really taste unpleasant. Green coffee bean does not use a good taste, so, through this way, you are usually in a new position to avoid tasting the actual unpleasantness.

23 En 2017

What you don't Know With Regards To free Ebook may Shock You

It's mandatory which you market your own eBook for the correct audiences (the individuals who would need it it). your ebook should supply amazing content, yet in the actual same time you've to end up being able to also draw these phones your internet site in order to supply more info as well as fantastic content.Even if you give away the ebook without any charge, you might be still in the place to create income from it. You'll locate lots and plenty of no cost ebooks here. free of charge ebooks tend to be an superb supply of completely free content material and also there is actually no lack of these out there. It's a epub gratuit totally free involving charge ebook, so I extremely advise that will you take a look. A Person could furthermore need to give anyone the folks who get your completely free associated with charge ebook the proper to supply it away.

The one Thing in order to Perform for Free Regarding Charge Ebook

You only have for you to appear good. Thus, you may have to journey abroad. An Individual have only to know what things to begin looking for. you must ensure it is appear powerful and also stylish also. An Individual don't want being ideal. you merely have to understand where anyone should look. It's possible in order to download it here.

Free Ebook: the Ultimate Convenience!

Be conscious of with the absolutely free account, you are usually able to download approximately 5 books monthly. The Particular guide insures the concise history regarding each and also every certainly 1 of your classifications, additionally for the core qualities with the style. you gets a novel at a small price as well as download gift books. so which you may download a book quickly. End Up Being certain you are content with almost all the e-book and click save and also Publish. locate your current guide inside the search outcome as well as click download connection. ten things You need to Accomplish to be able to get a great BodyA straightforward book devoted to teaching people how you can develop in to wholesome and also receive any great body.

What Free-Download Ebook on the actual internet Online Advertising Strategy teaches You whenever A Person download ebook on-line online strategy from no cost, you'll learn the approach to acquire more traffic for your site. It helps in the wedding you as people which wish for you to download absolutely free of charge ebook on the internet online advertising strategy will have to submit his or her emails first.With this, you're providing folks the actual authority to speak regarding the ebook to people who may well need them. you must foresee that the absolutely totally free download ebook on the actual internet online marketing strategy could always be offered coming from 1 individual to end up being able to another, thus it's advisable to get a hyperlink within the ebook to promote your current site.

People new for the website could additionally take pleasure within the gratification associated with getting the capability to speak regarding their particular Hubs with others and acquire feedback practically instantly after publishing. It provides numerous eBooks designed for downlaod. If your site or perhaps web page is offering a new specific, relevant item, this area could be an perfect match regarding traffic generation.

The web link ought for you to be active once the actual document can be reprinted by utilizing an web site or possibly in an email. In case there's the hyperlink to a magazine which in turn shouldn't be available for free, please permit me to know so I can remove it. Unfortunately, it's challenging to have people to buy through an affiliate connection. To Always Be Able To start with, you will find not really virtually any affiliate links promoting some other program embedded inside this ebook.
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